Tips To Save Your Skin This Summer

Striking summer skin, the safe way, is our goal this summer. Looking beautiful this sunny season, and forever more, requires little effort with a lot of results- and to make it even easier, here are our top 5 tips for protecting your greatest asset as temperatures soar:

1. Foundation

The difficulty of applying foundation over a slippery coat of spf 15 is hard to deny- therefore on days you would still like to look stunning waterside, a tinted moisturiser is key. Look for water-resistant styles that are SPF-infused, the tint will ensure you are protected and blemish free. There are no limits to your look; with waterproof bronzer options making you look perfectly sun-kissed even post dip

2. A lip protection:

A luxe lip colour doesn’t have to be forgotten when sunbathing. A spf-infused balm can add a much needed tint as well as a swipe of protection to ensure dry, sunburnt lips are not your newest summer accessory. Look for lipsticks and tints that include emollients and Vitamin E as well, to keep your pout moisturised. 

3. Sunscreen:

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than 90% of visible skin changes that are associated with aging are caused by damaging UV rays. Applying sunscreen before we lounge by the pool, particularly to the face, can drastically protect and savour our delicate skin- which sounds like the ultimate investment.

4. After-sun care:

A day in the sun can be drying for the skin, and whilst balms and sunscreens can be applied throughout the day, it’s important to spend summer evenings treating your skin. USE hydrating mists and masks to help lock in some moisture to remedy those sizzling days.

 5. Sarongs and wraps:

 Sometimes the perfect way to protect your skin is simply to accessorise. Wraps and sarongs allow you to keep cool and add that extra layer of protection, leaving your skin radiant and healthy.

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Whether you’re lounging poolside or sipping cocktails at a beachside bar, look after your skin this summer. 

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